Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery:

1. Which Country Do You Deliver to?

  • Currently we deliver to 40+ countries*.
  • [Note: we may update our shipping policy to exclude/include shipping countries, and regions in accordance with our production and shipping partner's policy.]

[*United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Isreal, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  Argentina, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.]

2. Where Do I Get My Delivery?

  • You will get your delivery at the same address you provided at the time of placing an order with us on our store

3. How Long Will It Take For My Order to Arrive?

  • Depending upon the processing time/ handling time & shipping/delivery time of our production and shipping partners the time may vary.
  • Customers may also receive their order before the expected delivery time.
  • Given below are the approximate times of production/handling & shipping/delivery of our partners.[Read below.]
  • Domestic buyers in India will receive the delivery within an average days of 15-20 days.
  • International buyers including the USA will receive the delivery within an average of 15-20 days.

 4. Handling Time & Shipping Time.

  • Production Time/Handling Time (excluding shipping time):
    • Partner 1: Takes 2–5 business days for all production techniques (DTG/Embroidery etc.)
    • Partner 2: Takes 3 business days for all production.
    • Partner 3: Takes 2/3 -5 business days for most products for all production techniques.
    • Partner 4: Takes 3-7 business days for all products for all production techniques.
  • Estimated Shipping/Delivery Times:  Orders shipped within the USA or from other International locations will typically arrive within-
    • Partner 1: Takes 3-7 business days in the USA; and an average of 15-20 days in India. [For International orders may take 7-30 business days.]
    • Partner 2: Takes an average of 4-7 business days for most. Takes an average of 15-20 days in India.
    • Partner 3: Takes 2-5 business days in the USA for most of the products. Some products may take 10-30 days; and an average of 15-20 days in India. [For International orders may take 10-30 business days.]
    • Partner 4: Takes 7-10 business days in the USA; and an average of 15-20 days in India.  [For International orders may take 7-30 business days.]
  • Note For Customers:
  • Customers from the USA can see the approximate delivery time under the 'Buy it now' button. [Otherwise, check the description box of the product.]
  • We encourage customers outside of USA/International customers to check the description box of the product to learn the approximate delivery time.
  • You can always check the approximate production time, and shipping time in the product description boxes. All are mentioned there.

5. Exceptions to Our Shipping/Delivery Time in Case of Unforeseen Situations.

  • During peak holiday seasons, pandemics, or severe inclement weather, delivery within the USA should be expected within 30 business days.[Note: ‘business days’ excludes weekends and holidays].
  • We’ll provide a link in your confirmation email so you can easily check the status of your order at any time.
  • International orders (outside of the USA) may take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive. [Also, during peak holiday times, pandemics or when there is severe inclement weather, items may take up to 10 weeks to arrive.]

6. How Do I Track My order?

  • Scroll down below and find "Track my Order" under "Need Help" section. Click on it and provide required information.
  • Choose "Track my Order" in chat box directly from our store and provide order information -"order number" & "email address".
  • Please check the tracking on your package

7.Why Haven't I Received My Package?

  • If your order status shows "Delivered" and you did not receive the item, please follow up with the carrier listed on your order status page.
  • One Owl Artist ( store is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. [For further questions email us or chat with us at
  • Please Note:
  • The order tracking information may not be up-to-date on orders outside of the USA. [According to FedEx, "FedEx International Mail Service provides an additional level of visibility to your economical international shipping, however this is not a tracking process. As FedEx hands your package off to a local postal authority, there can be a lag time of 2—5 days where your package is not visible. Not every country scans their packages or performs a full set of scans. FedEx is not responsible for packages once they have been handed off to the local postal authority."]



1. Why Does The Delivery Takes Longer Than The Average?

  • We outsource our production to our production partners mainly based in USA and also few others countries. Some of them also have multiple international locations where the productions take place and directly shipped to our customers.
  • When you (a customer) place an order at One Owl Artist store, your requested product is to be produced only for you which may take around of 2-5 business days and then shipped to your address within another few days.
  • We do not keep bulk produce ready and just ship it to our customers. 
  • Only when you place an order we produce a whole new fresh product for you, as we sell "Custom Designed" & "Made To Order" products. 
  • It's more sustainable than the traditional bulk manufacturing of products by the big corporations.
  • Most importantly, our production partners focuses on using eco-friendly, sustainable inks for printing and materials, fabrics used are sustainable, eco-friendly.
  • These are the reasons that the delivery time may take slightly longer than average.
  • You get a freshly custom printed product.

[Note: One Owl Artist store works with various production and shipping partners for production and shipping of your (our customer's) custom ordered products to you (our customer).] 

2. What Happens If You 'Refuse to Take Your Order' or 'Return it to Sender'?

  • Orders that are 'Refused' or 'Returned to Sender' will be processed as a return and are not re-shipped except when there is an error from our partners. [Please read our 'Return & Refund Policy'].
  • Shipping is NOT refundable.

3. What Happens if The Product Box Appears To Be Damaged From Outside? Can I Refuse To Take The Order?

  • We advise our customers, DO NOT refuse to take the order. If the package looks damaged from outside, then make a video of unboxing it. Check if the product is okay.
  • If the product gets damaged then you can request a return to get your refund. [Read our 'Return & Refund Policy']
  • DO NOT refuse & send the order back to us without a return request first. If you do, it will be processed as 'refusal by customer' and you would NOT get any refund.
  • Also read our "Exceptions" to Our Return Policy to know the conditions when we accept returns from our customers. [Check the bottom of our store "Info" section]

4. Can I cancel my order?

  • YES.
  • You can cancel your order within 4 hours after placing an order with us. 
  • Read our 'Cancellation Policy' [Check bottom of our store "Info" section.]