About Us

Hi there,

You are welcome to our store. This store is owned by an independent artist under her brand name One Owl Artist (previously 1owlartist), based in India. All the unique designs on the products are created by the artist herself. As these are all customized products it takes a special amount of attention & care to design the products according to the need & look of the product.

We work with international partners mainly based in USA for productions & delivery. While the artist customized the products with her designs, our partners help us with the production and shipping of the goods.

Our Business Address: 108 G. S. Bose Road, 700039 Kolkata West Bengal, India

Trade Name: 1owlartist

Brand Name: One Owl Artist

 *[Recent Update: Brand Name Changed from "1owlartist" to "One Owl Artist"]

"Won't it be amazing to wear something that is filled with bright, cheerful colors; yet maintains a colorful harmony which helps you to express your individuality. My mission is to design various products mostly Maximalist designs but with a mix of harmonious colors. I'm trying to achieve this goal in the hope that it might find resonance with the people worldwide."


                           What We Promise?

Unique maximalist fashion that is trendy with quality. 

We simply want to make you look good!

The unique designer clothes that anyone would like to wear everyday but without compromising the quality and latest trend. Affordable fashion yet filled with elegance. Fashion that we all will love & want to follow. Something that you will love to wear in the comfort of our home, family & friends gatherings, school, house-party, & everyday street-style needs etc.


                   Custom Designed Products

We offer custom designed clothing accessories, home decor etc.

We explore and create vivid contemporary designs that is suitable for multiple occasions. Browse our diverse range of designer clothing and accessories and you can find anything that suits your aesthetics and taste.

We also take customize product request! 

So, a particular design caught your attention but you couldn't find the product you want with the same design? Worry not. Simply chat with us and request it and it's done!


            Designs Created With Care & Attention  

We create all the designs keeping in mind the product on which the design is to be added instead of putting design randomly here & there!

It takes time and effort to make it suit a particular product that we design.


                         No Mass Production 

As we offer our customers with custom designed products, we only produce a whole new fresh product with the help of out production partner only for you! That means, You order, We produce.


                                 You Help Nature  

How? As we produce a new product only when you place an order, you are actually helping prevent unnecessary mass production. With these small steps you are indirectly helping to conserve the nature.